Do you Need Help with a New Garden Design in Writtle?

If your garden is beginning to look worn down or tired and you would like a change, then get in touch with Applewood Landscapes to begin planning a new garden design in Writtle. We are a professional company that performs landscaping services throughout North London, Essex and Hertfordshire, bringing people’s garden ideas to life with high quality products and excellent workmanship. Each project we undertake is done so with training, skills, experience and dedication for what we do. 


A Brief Overview of Applewood Landscapes 


Our team has the ability to provide a range of different landscaping services meaning we are able to accommodate clients with many different ideas for their garden design in Writtle, as well as gardens of all shapes and sizes. We can help you with planting, garden clearances, fences, walls, water features, driveways, patios and generally tidying up your garden. 


We can help you to come up with a garden design in Writtle if you do not already have one in mind, making sure that we take into account your garden size, what you are hoping to achieve with your garden, and your budget. Once your garden design in Writtle is completed we will begin the work, making sure that the project is always staffed in order to finish on time, and we will use high quality materials from reliable suppliers.  


If you are looking to incorporate a hosting or dining area in your garden design in Writtle, then we may suggest the installation of Millboard decking for your garden. This decking is a fantastic imitation of wood, so you can still get the beautiful timber appearance without the high maintenance that comes with looking after wood. With slip and stain resistance, as well as not having to worry about rotting, your decking will be an excellent addition to your garden design in Writtle. As approved installers of Millboard decking you can be sure that it will be installed with the greatest precision and efficiency. 


Why Invest in a New Garden Design in Writtle?


Boredom can play a large factor in wanting to have a new garden design in Writtle, as looking out and seeing the same view everyday for years on end may become rather monotonous. By having a new garden design in Writtle, you can give yourself a new view and start enjoying the scenery of your garden once again. Additionally, to have a new garden design in Writtle is also beneficial when you experience a change of lifestyle such as the presence of children, pets, children moving out, growing older, a lifestyle centred around hosting and many other reasons too. By getting a new garden design in Writtle you can give yourself a garden that is going to fit in with your lifestyle well.


Want to Speak to Our Team?


If you would like Applewood Landscapes to assist you with your new garden design in Writtle then please give us a call on either of the following two numbers 01245 420 922 or 07811 441 742, in order to have a chat with our team about how we can help you. We also have an email address that you can use to send us a message, as well as our contact form.